About us

Aroba e.U. is the main distributor and leading wholesaler for wheel protection products from the manufacturer Rimblades Ltd in Central Europe, Southern Europe and currently plans to expand to Eastern Europe. Aroba e.U. is the pioneer of wheel protection products and made this undiscovered product group well known in Central Europe.

Rimblades Ltd. is the leading brand name in high volume production of rim protection & styling products and have developed different products to access global markets at different price points with an ever-growing global network.

With more and more cars being fitted with larger diameter alloy wheels, damage caused by scuffing them against a kerb is a major problem. This damage looks unsightly and is expensive to repair. We have created a range of simple solutions that protect rims from damage, can cover existing damage and can also be used to style a vehicle. 

Rimblades currently manufactures 6 types of alloy wheel rim protectors sold under the brand names of Rimblades Flex, Rimblades Pro, Rimbands, RimSavers, Scuffs and Trims4Rims. All products are Made in UK. 

Our principal and original protector Rimblades Flex is available as a retail product for easy DIY customer fitting in 10 colours. Rimblades have been constantly developed and improved with the current version launched 2017. Quality components from 3M ensure consistent quality and performance.

Through the experience gained with Rimblades, Scuffs were designed to launch at the end of 2013. Attached to the wheels with a VHB tape like Rimblades, but with a flatter profile designed for the flat faced wheels so popular now with automotive manufacturers. Available in a range of 10 colours and supplied in an eye-catching retail box packaging, Scuffs are a great choice and were our best-selling product in 2015 and 2016.

RimSavers are a newer product with a flatter profile designed for the flat faced wheels launched 2016. A premium quality lightweight ultra-high-performance rim protector suitable for high performance cars, with high quality components in exquisite packaging. Available in 12 colours, RimSavers can be DIY or professionally installed and come with a high-quality feel and great performance.

New in 2017 were Rimblades Pro. A new design concept in which these are a rigid/hard plastic and once extruded, hot coiled into a ring using a joining clip. Our heavyweight product that offers the most protections, but is still bonded to the wheel with a genuine 3M VHB tape in combination with the 3M adhesion promoter.

In 2012 we launched Rimbands. These are a stretchy band of silicone rubber, but are different from all our other products. They are not suitable for DIY and can only be installed with tyre fitting equipment. Rimbands are stretched over the wheel and the tyre is inflated to hold them in place. 

We are looking to make our product range available to everyone. What we like to call an “everyman” product at an affordable price in every economy worldwide, so in 2014 we developed Trims4Rims. Similar to Scuffs but fitted with a high-quality Tesa foam tape, they are lightweight, easy to fit and suitable for sale at a great affordable price anywhere in the world. Available in 9 colours.

In addition to our current range, we have further products undergoing development and testing. 

Rimblades Ltd. also holds European, Canadian, Chinese, Korean & US patent rights for rim protectors bonded to a wheel surface.

Besides the wide range of Wheel Protection products Aroba e.U. also distributes many successful automotive accessories Brands and assures their B2B customers only the best prices through high volume deals and the shortest delivery times with warehouses located in Central Europe.

Please come and visit us at www.aroba.shop for further details on our constantly growing range of products.